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Contact us: info@iberospanish.com

All Íbero Spanish School Programs are based on the principal of equal opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, color, race, ethnic origin, age or disability

Starting my Spanish courses at Íbero was a great entrance into Buenos Aires culture and the beautiful language of Castellano. The teachers and staff are warm and welcoming and always ready to help with any questions you might have. The books and materials used are straight forward and provide excellent practice to improve your language skills. Finally, the small class size makes it possible to have classes that are catered to your needs and interests. I greatly enjoyed my time studying at Íbero and would recommend this school to any students wanting to learn or improve their Spanish! Anna Kaiper, USA

International Operations

is an approved Anglia Ascentis examination centre.
Ascentis is an Ofqual-approved National Awarding Body (UK)

International Association of Teachers
of English as a Foreign Language

E-mail: info@iberospanish.com

TEFL video testimonials



Íbero has worked for:

Íbero has worked for

BID, University of Nottingham, Intel USA, Duke University, International Baccalaureate Organization, Alicante University, Technicolor-moving entertainment, The Washington Post, Coca-Cola Argentina, the Warner Channel, General Electric, University of California, BBC, CNN, Embassy of Nigeria, New Zealand Australia and UK, United Nations, Oregon Health and Science University, Lufthansa, Gol, British and Delta Airlines.

More information about our TEFL courses?

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  Spanish + TEFL

Íbero Spanish School offers an intense, challenging and exciting 4 week internationally recognized TEFL Diploma in the downtown of beautiful Buenos Aires, at Íbero Spanish School.  

Íbero is the first language institute in BA to provide both the training of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Certified Spanish classes in one challenging and fun combined course. more info

The teaching practices were really great and learning the different teaching methods was good at engaging everyone in teaching and learning.  The materials were very organized and I will be using the book for many lessons. There were specific things to learn every class and most classes were engaging and also gave us time to work on our teaching classes. Brooke Gontarek, USA.


I think the IBERO TEFL course was very informative and practical – material was useful and getting the opportunity to teach and watch others teach was invaluable! Very friendly and accommodating staff, building was well kept and cool with air conditioning! Schedule worked well. My teacher was very prepared and she structured class well – the time passed quickly. She included lots of games and activities and I also appreciated prep time she allowed.  Jillian Meade, USA.

The location is great and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The course was great! I feel very well equipped and prepared for teaching English. A lot of useful learning tools were provided. The teacher was very organized, dynamic, motivating, entertaining. It´s obvious that he had a lot of experience, and he was a great inspiration. I enjoyed the teaching practices a lot. I´m definitely going to use my experience from these in my lesson plans in the future. I just loved the experience here. Charlotte Knudsen, Denmark.

The location of the school is great and the building is nice. The staff is terrific, especially my TEFL and Spanish teachers and the student coordinator. I was impressed with all teachers. I think the course is very efficient for the time spent, and I believe it will help me become a teacher, especially in Latin America. The book and handouts were very informative and helpful. The teacher was informative and wise far beyond his years; he had tremendous enthusiasm and energy, was always prepared and in a good mood, and very patient with us when it was needed. The practice teaching sessions were very useful. Everyone has a different style and that is what I took away from the sessions. I would definitely recommend the TEFL course to people who have self-discipline and a sense of adventure! The Spanish classes were great and very worthwhile as well. I loved the Buenos Aires experience. I have never spent this much time in a city like this and that is a lesson in itself. David Ellis, USA. (TEFL + Spanish Program)

The school is pleasant and positive. The people are very nice. The course was great. I have learned so much and feel very confident about my teaching skills. The book was very helpful. It will be a great resource forever. We were provided with many worksheets and articles that were also very helpful. The teacher was great. He was always organized and prepared. The practice teaching was very useful. It provided real-life situations. Paulina Gorban, California, USA.


The staff is great. All of the resources that were needed could be accessed at any time, and I loved the arcade game! I thought the TEFL course was very informative. It has already helped me and the practice lessons were crucial to my learning. The teacher was very organized and very knowledgeable of every subject. He managed the classroom in a comfortable way and provided plenty of sources for additional input. The teaching practices were very useful. It was great to have at least one beginner, one intermediate, and once advanced student. Trey Woody, USA.

The building and staff were very good. The practice teaching sessions were very useful for me. The teacher was well organized and prepared. He was experienced at teaching classes himself, which was helpful. The price is very competitive against other schools.

Garry Alcock, England.





Don’t miss out on the best rate in town for Spanish group classes! Fifteen hours of group instruction will only cost 125 US! Click here!

Why choose IBERO over other schools? 

Small classes – Group classes are limited to between three and nine students.

Quality instruction – Íbero teachers are all native speakers and university certified as instructors of Spanish as a foreign language.

Competitive prices – Thanks to many years of experience, Íbero is able to offer some of the lowest prices in the city for Spanish classes at an institution. Students never have to pay a registration fee or hidden cost.  With a free, thorough placement test and pre-class advising, we ensure students begin at the right level and progress at a rate that suits their learning.  This is normally done via e-mail or on the first Monday of classes, before your class starts.

Location & Facilities – IBERO’s building is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, easily accessible from most every neighborhood. We offer beautiful and modern facilities.  The school’s classrooms are fully air conditioned, and accessed by a sunny terrace.

Personalized attention – Full time administrative staff is equipped to address every educational need of the student. We believe in meeting the needs of each student with the ability to customize classes for any student.

Course materials – IBERO benefits from its own self-published line of textbooks, we value the experience of our students and have built a program that is extensive in content and engaging for the student.

Own educational curriculum- Our eight levels cover everyone from complete beginners to students nearing fluency.  Each stage takes three weeks to complete and ends with an exam. Our Spanish program is designed to expose students to all facets of the language: writing, reading, speaking, listening/comprehension and grammar. Our balanced teaching approach allows students to progress quickly while maintaining a pleasant learning environment. 

Diversity and acceptance– Students from every corner of the globe have spent time at and enjoyed their experience with Íbero.

Extra programs and offerings – We have weekly activities and help to set up volunteer experiences in the city.

International and national recognition– Numerous Argentine and international organizations recognize IBERO such as The College of Teachers, IATEFL, Anglia Ascentis (UK), Chichester College (UK), Asociación de Centros de Idiomas (SEA), Instituto Cervantes and the Buenos Aires government. We are also recommended by Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and Time Out travel guides.

Special courses of study– Students have the option of preparing for the DELE or CELU international examinations, studying area-specific vocabulary and Spanish teachers abroad can attend special Íbero training courses.

Certified Spanish classes and Diploma: On their last day at the school, students are presented with a diploma stating the level they achieved, and the dates they attended the course.

Professionalism, excellence of teaching and own instructional materials, comfort of facilities and location, plethora of extra programs, local and international reputation, fun atmosphere and above all 'para aprender español'!

Ibero Spanish School was an incredible experience; not just for the language practice, but for meeting people and getting a better feel for Buenos Aires. The student coordinator let me sit in on two classes to see which one I fit into best which I really appreciated and I finally decided to join Alejandro’s Intermedio 3 class. It was so much fun and we spent the majority of the time talking in Spanish about different, natural topics (not rehearsed conversation topics like some other class discussions I’ve had). This was exactly what I wanted since speaking is often the hardest part of learning a new language, and since Alejandro spoke very good English, he helped when we couldn't figure out what to say. His class was engaging, relevant and thoughtful, and after signing up for another week with Alejandro, I felt 100% more comfortable speaking and understanding the language and was able to handle everything I needed to do in Spanish. Also, note to fellow budget travelers: You can’t beat the price, I shopped around A LOT for language institutes and Ibero is by far the best value for your money!
Brittany Assef, USA,  here is the link to my website

2013 academic courses

  • Spanish language immersion classes here at Íbero
  • UK accredited TEFL Teacher Certification course, become an English Teacher in just 4 weeks  and start working right after (International Diploma)
  • Complete package including airport pick up, Spanish classes and housing (minimum 4 weeks)
  • Spanish +TEFL combination course
  • Internships at renowned companies
  • Paid English jobs for TEFL or CELTA qualified Teachers
  • Volunteering positions
  • University credit
  • Accommodation in shared apartments and homestays in downtown Buenos Aires and safe neighborhoods

Spanish immersion classes

Our Spanish School offers a fully-customizable program of Spanish classes, and works directly with educational and cultural exchange programs around the world. Our Spanish classes are offered year- round and taught by fully certified, native, and bi-lingual instructors.

Quick facts

  • Classes are divided into eight different language levels, with duration of three weeks to complete each Spanish learning level.
  • Each class is accompanied by an exclusive Íbero textbook
  • Each student will also receive an Íbero diploma on his or her last
    day of school.
  • Group classes are conducted both in the mornings and in the afternoons with
    3 to 9 students per class.  This allows us to give each student individual
    attention that allows you to progress at a quick but comfortable pace.

Our prices are the best in Buenos Aires for academic teaching. For more information on our prices, click here

Our downtown location and dynamics

Íbero is located downtown in the heart of Buenos Aires at Uruguay 150, only
blocks from the Obelisk and plaza de mayo. 

All classes take place in an historic building, comfortably equipped with climate-controlled well-lit classrooms, two sunny patios and a warm reception area. 

Our students come from all over the world; the majority comes from English-speaking countries (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United States Western Europe (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria Israel, and Brazil).  The average age of Íbero students is between 20 and 45 years old, but we regularly have students of all ages participating in classes.

TEFL Teacher Certification course

4-week TEFL (TESOL) Course, become an English Teacher in just 4 weeks!

ÍBERO TEFL is rated as one of the best for course quality, job assistance and customer service. As the Argentina’s leading school training TEFL Trainers, we have over a decade experience within the English and Language teaching industry. Our program is extremely intensive with 120 total training hours in 4 weeks comprised of 100 hours of classes, 10 hours of academic class observation and 10 hours teaching practices. Job placement is an integral part of our TEFL/TESOL course.

TEFL Course Highlights

  • Academic materials and assessment as well as an exclusive Íbero textbook
  • No previous qualifications required
  • Teaching Practice sessions included (10 hours per TEFL Trainee)
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • No hidden extra costs or application fee
  • Guaranteed job opportunities after the TEFL course. Free placement service    for all our Íbero TEFL graduates through our extensive global network of contacts

Íbero TEFL is one of the most commonly accepted and recognized TEFL Certificates in the world today because of our UK accredited program

Spanish +TEFL- combination course

You will experience life in a Spanish speaking country while developing all the skills necessary to teach English successfully worldwide, while learning about a different culture language in a challenging immersion environment.

Spanish course highlights

  • Academic materials and assessment as well as an exclusive Íbero textbook
  • No previous qualifications required
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • No hidden extra costs or application fee


We work closely with Argentinians of all different ages, lifestyles and family dynamics, who rent room(s) in their house to Íbero students.  Not only do we handle the stress of finding a comfortable place for you to live but you also get the chance to live with locals and practice the Spanish you will be learning in class. Íbero homestay is not just about putting a roof over your head; it introduces you to and integrates you into the language and culture of Buenos Aires.  For this reason, the minimum homestay is one month. Please note that in order to register you must provide flight information details. For more information info@iberospanish.com

University credits

Students may receive university credits for studying abroad in Argentina in one of our Internship programs. University credits can be given according to your institutions regulations. Most students who need academic credit must let us know about this before they begin studying with us.   



  • Business Administration
  • International Trade & Commerce
  • Sports
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Teaching
  • Medical

Volunteering positions

NGO Positions

  • Micro credit / Loan Assistant Volunteer
  • Micro credit NGO / Financial Analyst
  • Micro credit NGO / Executive Director's Assistant
  • Rehabilitation of Prisoners


  • Natural Reserve
  • Responsible & Fair trade Tourism

Volunteer with Children 

  • Community Soup Kitchen
  • Children's Recreational Activities

Why would I choose a course at Íbero in 2014?

Complete Package! Program including 4 weeks Spanish classes, airport pick up service and accommodation through IBERO.   More information? Click here

TEFL + Spanish course combination at a special combo price. More information? Click here

TEFL + Spanish classes + housing, improve your Spanish skills and work as an English Teacher in Argentina.  More information? Click here

Internships- 4 or 8 week academic programs including Spanish +Internship combination, gain valuable experience and knowledge of the Latin American workplace, a great asset for your résumé/CV! More information? Click here

Spanish + Volunteer programs Gain valuable knowledge and help our community here in Buenos Aires. There are different volunteer positions to choose from. click here

University credits. Gain university credits for your school back home through our Internship, Volunteer and Spanish academic program. More information? Click here

Paid English jobs for TEFL or CELTA qualified Teachers   More information? Click here

Private Spanish classes  More information? Click here

DELE &CELU Exam preparation Spanish Private classes More information? Click here

TEFL Teacher Certification Course  More information? Click here

Social and Cultural activities every week at IBERO including Free Conversation Workshops at different Spanish learning levels

Pioneers in offering a combined Spanish+TEFL TESOL Programme in Buenos Aires, in one challening learning environment, meaning that you will have the opportunity to get Spanish certified classes and receive a recognized, externally moderated TEFL TESOL International Diploma.   

We offer Spanish classes for all levels—from Complete Beginner to Superior. With years of experience, we have designed a complete, high quality Spanish learning curriculum. Our students can choose from group classes (between 3 and 9 students), semi-private classes (a private class shared between two people), and private lessons—for anywhere from one to 24 weeks.

Students can start Spanish classes any Monday. Class levels last three weeks, but the flexibility of our program allows students with less time in the city to study for a one- or two-week period as well.

If you have any more questions or are wondering about how to personalize a program to fit your needs and schedule, don’t hesitate to email us.  Also, feel free to call us—we have three new international phone numbers!  We’re happy to answer your questions in English or Spanish. 

If you are already in Buenos Aires, you can drop by at the school anytime you may want Monday through Friday from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm and we will show you our school, our programs and answer any questions you may have!


I am very pleased with my experience at ÍBERO- I had been to one other school and this was the best. The course is very well run. My professor was obviously very experienced, a consummate professional and managed to keep the class interested and motivated throughout.

James Hubbard, USA


Very good course. Will definitely be of help – in giving direction and confidence. Enjoyable and excellent teacher. I’ve been here for 7 weeks and planning to come back for 4 more.

Jim Gould, UK.



· Very organized.
· Very  professional
· Very  entertaining
· Very  friendly
· Very  experienced

…An excellent teacher!!!

I enjoyed the sessions. They gave me confidence. Excellent facilities and very helpful staff. Overall, very good - I enjoyed the experience. Tom Willat, UK





Spanish programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Íbero.
































































































































































































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